Great Ways To Propose To Your Lover.

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Great Ways To Propose To Your Lover.

December 6, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Your marriage proposal is a great deal in your life. Any mistake you make o the day of the proposal could be a reason for your proposal to be rejected. However, the methods suggested below will help you propose to your lover the best way and to make your marriage proposal a success.

Choose a location which she admires.

The location you select can be a hotel rooftop, a mountain, national park, or even a road restaurant or a church. The location you select should have some significant connection to both of you.  The moment is extremely precious, therefore, make sure you have someone to capture the moment you propose her.

Start a treasure hunt.

This is a great way to propose your lover as she would not guess about the proposal. You can start the treasure hunt from where you live or from her house. You can make the treasure hunt more romantic by giving her little gifts through every treasure she finds. You can buy gems collection Hong Kong from a reliable store or little jewelleries from a shop. Then pack them in little heart shaped boxes with the clues you leave for her. Keep the final box which would be the ring you are going to propose her with at the place where you are going to be waiting for her.

Give her no opportunity to say ‘no’

No matter what a girl’s birth stone is, she would always wish for her wedding ring or the engagement ring to be one of diamond. Therefore, the best way to propose to her is by making this wish of her come true. However, wait for a time where there are quality diamonds for sale. You can purchase the ring you wish for a price which you can afford.

Organize a surprise band or a dance group.

This would be a real band wagon. You can hire an orchestra, a violinist, a band group or a dance group to start a sudden performance in the place where you and your lover would meet. To make things more romantic you can request them to change the lyrics of the songs to suit your love story or if it is a dance group then you can choreograph it in a way so that you can perform with them at the end. At the end of the song go in front of your fiancé- to be and bend on one knee. Open the box with the ring and tell her how much you love her and ask her to be your loving wife and partner for the rest of your life.